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We're located at 319 South Main Street Suite #100, Bel Air Maryland.



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Phone: (410) 420 5102
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Beer Menu

We offer a rotating selection of ten artisanally crafted small-batch brews. We take pride in brewing every batch on-site in Bel Air, Maryland. Each offering is treated with a unique enzyme to reduce the gluten below 20PPM.

Bel Ale
ABV 5.5 - IBU 45

American Pale Ale

We've fine-tuned this classic American Pale Ale to finish clean and slightly dry, with just enough backbone to give a refreshingly balanced experience.

Palimpsest Hazy Pale
ABV 4.5 - IBU 40

American Pale Ale

Palimpsest: Something altered but still bears visible traces of an earlier form. This recipe is our Bel Ale Pale Ale with added haziness and tropical fruit hops for a new, pleasant experience.

Dos Bayas Sour Ale
ABV 4.8 - IBU 4

Fruit Beer

A fruited sour ale using Lactobacillus Plantarum from Lallemand.

ABV 5.7 - IBU 23

English Brown Ale

Our English brown ale. Tons of malt flavor but not too roasty. Notes of caramel and toffee.

Orion Rye
ABV 6.5 - IBU 28

American Pale Ale

A flavorful rye ale with a ton of fruit aroma from the lemon drop hops. The nose is full of citrus which pairs great with the deep rye flavor.

ABV 6.3 - IBU 17

International Amber Lager

Malty Rye Lager fermented with lager yeast for a clean and crisp flavor.

Sledding Around
ABV 10 - IBU 26

Winter Seasonal Beer

This is a 12% holiday ale brewed with honey and sweet cherries to give it a slightly sweet and spiced flavor. It is reddish in color and has a little more bitterness than expected.

White Rook
ABV 5 - IBU 14


A light Belgian Wit brewed with fresh orange zest and coriander

Royal Roast
ABV 6 - IBU 17

Oatmeal Stout

Made with custom-roasted coffee beans, Royal Roast gives a nice smooth coffee flavor without the bitterness backed up by a chocolatey, rich stout.

Der Hund
ABV 4.9 - IBU 13


A traditional German Hefe made with German white wheat, Vienna, and Munich malts. Fermented with Hefeweizen yeast to provide the classic banana and clove finish

Spruce Tip
ABV 5.9 - IBU 13

Scottish Heavy

Malty sweet and lightly hopped, but the true hero of this brew is the Spruce Tips! Leaving a distinct pine flavor that only the true experimental craft brew drinker will enjoy.

Bel Ale
ABV 5.5 - IBU 45

American Pale Ale

We've fine-tuned this classic American Pale Ale to finish clean and slightly dry, with just enough backbone to give a refreshingly balanced experience.


Our Story

AleCraft started with a passion for artisan beer and a desire to achieve a dream. Owners Eryn and Brad Streett met in college and fell in love with craft beer. Almost immediately after graduation they began home brewing and touring breweries regularly. After experimenting with malting their own barley and growing their own hops they decided to enter the brewing industry and open a home brew supply shop in 2013. A chance meeting of fellow passionate home brewer Ken added a third partner into the business and provided a valuable skill set and complementary brewing experience.

The shop provided a creative outlet for all three brewers, who were regularly teaching multiple classes a weekend and developing hundreds of uniquely refined recipes. Countless lessons were learned and invaluable brewing experience was gained. Customer experience is our priority and we were lucky to gain a loyal following.

The dream of the brewery came in the early days of the home brew shop. The brewery was the answer to two questions, both were inquiries we received regularly. From friends who sampled our creations: How can we buy this? From those who browsed our home brew kits: What does this taste like? The brewery provided a single answer to both, and a path to share our passion with a wider audience than the supply shop alone

In the fall of 2017 we made the leap into commercial brewing. Our small system and fully stocked home brew shop give us an enormous library of ingredients at our fingertips. Our beer is crafted to be exactly what we intended, no compromises on ingredients. The access to shop ensures we have the full creative expression we dreamed of as home brewers. In our taproom we prioritize customer service second only to the quality of beer we produce. Our staff is engaging, approachable and trained on the various styles of beer we produce.

AleCraft is what happens when the right people with complementary skills come together to strive towards their dream. Our story is the ideal fusion of passion, experience, fate and hard work while searching for beer perfection across all styles.

Our History

  • 2007

    The passion is born

    Eryn and Brad graduated from Salisbury University in 2006 with a taste for craft beer and inspiration from the nearby Dogfish Head Brewery. After purchasing their first home in 2007 they immediately jumped into all-grain home brewing.

  • June 2010

    Dreaming up a business

    Eryn and Brad moved to northern Harford County Maryland to put down roots on a small farmette. They purchased the property with the intent to grow their own hops, and malt their own small-batch barley. While they no longer malt barley, they still tend to 120 hop plants and integrate them into an annual harvest brew.

  • September 2013

    Transition to Home Brew

    Seeing a demand for a full-service home brew supply shop in the Bel Air area Eryn took her passion for home brewing full time with the opening of AleCraft Brewing Supply, LLC. A fortunate chance encounter with Ken Roberson, a fellow experienced and passionate home brewer, began a partnership that would make the entire endeavour possible. Our grand opening was September 6, 2013, Eryn and Brad's first wedding anniversary.

  • March 2015

    Home Brew Expansion

    AleCraft Brewing Supply, LLC quickly outgrew its humble beginnings on Office Street and moved to an expanded location next to the Bel Air Bakery on Bond Street (now the delicious Newberry Cafe).

  • November 2017

    Addition of Brewery and Taproom

    In the summer of 2017 AleCraft created a new business as a Microbrewery and expanded into the perfect location in the front of the Preston's Stationary Building.

Meet Our Owners

With 30 years of combined brewing experience and a commitment to never stop learning and innovating.

Eryn Streett


Brewer, Operations Manager

Brad Streett

Vice President

Brewer, IT

Ken Roberson

Vice President

Brewer, Marketing, Home Depot Returns

You'll see our brewers regularly in the taproom, usually enjoying a beer after a long day of brewing. We love getting feedback about our beer, and value your opinion. Beer is our passion, and our goal is to make the best possible beer while remaining creative and true to our home brewing roots.